Behavioral Support & Nursing Services (BSNS) is an Advocare Consulting & Support Solutions company founded in February of 2012.  Our goal is to provide unparalleled services and solutions to providers in Home & Community Based Services and Intermediate Care Facilities with boundless compassion for those we serve.


Over the past several years, the demand for qualified and experienced behavior support and nursing services has cultivated into a challenge many providers find discouraging and disheartening.  With budget cuts and the shortage of qualified professionals, BSNS is compelled to team up with providers across the state in order to provide the support individuals with special needs deserve and often require.

Our philosophy is simple; deliver compassionate care with the utmost professionalism, while delivering such care at the highest standard.  It is not within the soul of BSNS to meet the minimum requirements set forth by lawmakers, but to exceed the expectations of providers, individuals and the community while making every attempt possible to lower cost for providers.  BSNS is prepared to provide you with the solutions for a healthier, happier

From left to right: Ruben Gonzales, Administrative Assistant - Julie LaBonte, Board of Director - Gonzalo Escobedo, LVN - Amy Rivas, RN - Melissa Despres, LPC - Amanda Lucas, RN, Juli Reese, LPC 

(co-owner) - Tina Goll-LaPlaca, Psych Asst. - Jaime Talamantez, RN - Brad Reynolds, RN (co-owner) - Chandy Niles, Director of Administrative Services - Kimberly Rehkop, RN - Cameron Reynolds, Administrative Assistant - Jeremy Rehkop, IT - Travis Maule, RN - Amber Pacheco, LVN - Not shown Pamela Long, RN - Myrtle Edwards, Med Clerk - Erin Merkle, Registered Dietician

South Texas Team

North Texas Team

From left to right: Mark Ryan, LPA, LPC-I - Brad Reynolds, RN (co-owner) - Nique Sudbeck, Psych Assistant - Toni Mathews, Psych Assistant - Clyde Hanks, PhD Clinical Psychologist, Juli Reese, LPC (co-owner) - Not shown Dwight Douglas, LPA

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