Behavioral Support & Nursing Services (BSNS) serves to encourage wellness in the community through nutrition consultations, natural foods education, and counseling on intuitive balanced eating.  Our Registered Dietitian works in conjunction with our nursing team to provide the client with recommendations suitable for the individual and their entreaties.



Our speech therapy programs help and guide our clients to develop the skills needed for successful communication.  These skills can affect all aspects of daily life, from communicating basic needs, to developing social skills and friendships to progressing in school.  Our licensed Speech-Language Pathologists have extensive experience and expertise in clinical speech, languag and feeding issues.

occupational therapy

Occupational therapy is a client centered health profession for those recuperating from injury, illness or disability.  Occupational therapy will help develop, improve or restore independence in activities required in daily life.  It is crucial is order to develop, recover and maintain daily living and work skills of all sorts.  Our Occupational Therapist will help individuals modify and adapt skills in activities in order to live healthier, happier and more productive lives.



We are committed to excellence by providing quality, cost-effective, outcome-based physical therapy. It is of utmost importance that our patients and staff are treated with respect and friendliness in a professional, caring environment.

Clinician education is a cornerstone of our practice with ll therapists being licensed Doctors of Physical Therapy and Certified Manual Therapists.

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